TESLA Powered Home

tesla smart homeS2A has taken the technology created by TESLA energy and engineered their homes to utilize 100% of TESLA Powerwall’s capability. TESLA energy offers the roof systems with built-in solar cells, solar panels and Powerwall storage batteries. The concept behind the technology is your solar tile roof or solar panels power your home during the day and the battery stores electricity for use at night when no sunlight is available.

Homes built with traditional construction methods were not designed to run 100% on solar and batteries. A “S2A” engineered home features high efficiency heat pump technology and other trade secrets to maximize the use of solar and battery. The combination of a “S2A” net zero engineered home paired with solar and battery offers the most efficient homes in the industry.

Tesla Solar Roof Tiles

tesla solar roof







TESLA Powerwall Battery

TESLA Powerwall Battery

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