for sellers home soldRE Management ( puts investment funds together to purchase properties for individuals and corporations. If you have a property that needs light to extensive rehab, we typically can make all cash offers that close within 15-30 days.

If you have a home that needs rehab but do not have the upfront funds to get the project accomplished, we can rehab it and potentially take a partial equity position in the home.

If in your journeys, you come across a property you think might fit what we’re looking for and need an investment partner, we would welcome the opportunity of investigating the project.

As a company, we typically look to purchase in excess of $50M in wholesale real estate annually.  We like single-family homes, 2-4units, 5+ unit apartment buildings (up to 500 units), mixed-use commercial, retail strip centers and office complexes (up to 50,000 sq ft.). We’ve done most of our purchasing in Illinois and California, but have also closed on property in Arizona. In addition to these three states, we now have offices in Nevada and Montana to service flipping real estate as well.

The most expensive property we’ve purchased was a $31,000,000; 346-unit apartment building in Palatine, IL and the least expensive was a $60,000 home in Bakersfield, CA. We really do not have a sweet spot in reference to price point. We basically look for a strong rate of return on the project.

We look to add value by buying properties the following ways:

  1. Rehab
  2. Development
  3. Change use (apartments to condos)
  4. Increase cash flow with rehab and stronger management
  5. Buy low, sell high (wholesale)

We normally move forward on properties where we can earn a minimum of a 12% annual return, but we focus more on properties that can bring us 20%+.

If you’re interested in selling a property or would like to partner on a personal project, feel free to email the CEO and founder, Brian Kuzdas at:

[email protected]

650-575-7025 (cell)

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