Hiring Acquisition Directors

FlippingProperty.com is interviewing for Acquisition Directors (AD’s) to help purchase real estate throughout California, Oregon, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

When an AD joins the company, they are trained in four areas:

  1. Acquisitions (10-1hr courses)
  2. Building materials/costs (25-4hr+ courses)
  3. Modular Construction/Factory (field training)
  4. Success conditioning (18-1hr courses)
  5. Auction disposition (10-2hr courses)

Typically the training takes approx. 3-6 months to complete although AD’s can get started buying property for us in the first week if they are seasoned. Each AD is expected to purchase $5M-$10M+ in property annually for the company.

The AD earns revenue six ways:

  1. Acquisitions (four income streams in the process)
  2. Referring investors
  3. Investing in Our Personal Funds
  4. Listing and selling real estate
  5. Recruiting agents to RealEstateAuctions.com
  6. Company shares increasing in value

I. Acquisitions

Brokerage Fee on Purchase

Although not mandated, an Acquisition Director is normally licensed to sell real estate and would hang their license with our disposition company RealEstateAuctions.com. When they find a property for investment funds to purchase, they receive a (buying-side) commission. This is typically 2.5%-3% of the purchase price.

Manage the Flip

Each director is trained to manage the process from the time we close on the property until we sell it. The director would receive 10% of the profits for managing the process.

Construction Override

Each director is trained to manage the construction process. The director would receive 10% of the construction costs for managing this process.

Auction Disposition

When the property is ready to be sold, we auction the property through RealEstateAuctions.com. The commission charged to the investment fund is normally 4%-6%. The AD would receive 85%-90% of the commission (90% if he or she is a broker of record for the company opposed to a salesperson).

Based on an AD purchasing $10M for our investment funds, they earn on average $400,000-$600,000 annually. It’s important to note that there’s no annual ceiling as to how much the AD can purchase. If the AD puts in the effort, they can purchase more for the company and make seven digits a year.

II. Referring Investors

AD’s earn referral fees when their investors invest in their own projects or any projects that another AD represents.

III. Investing in Our Personal Investment Funds

All the Acquisition Directors get the first opportunity to invest in our funds before anyone else. Typically the annual rate of return is 15-20% and has gone as high as 102%.

IV. Listing and Selling Real Estate

There are several leads that come from the flipping and auctioning process. We also conduct weekly Meetups that generate a number of leads as well. These leads can be used to close traditional buyers and sellers earning the AD real estate commissions outside of the flipping model.

V. Recruiting Agents and Brokers to RealEstateAuctions.com (REA)

Once the AD starts to flip homes, they will eventually need to form a team to help them. They will hire real estate agents to conduct auctions, hold open houses and service leads that they cannot handle. They receive commission overrides for the agents and brokers underneath them.

VI. Company Shares Increasing in Value

Each AD is required to invest $50,000 in REA Worldwide, the company that owns RealEstateAuctions.com (our disposition firm). This gives them a 0.50% ownership stake. $25,000 is paid upfront and 20% of their commissions go towards shares until they have a full $50,000 vested in the company.

The company is hiring 50-ADs to purchase $10M minimum per year or $500M in real estate throughout the west coast of the US. This will generate about $2 billion in sales volume overall (acquisition, disposition and residual business). When the company is built to that level, it could potentially be worth in excess of $50M+. At that point, we’ll look to sell or IPO to expand nationally and potentially internationally.

We currently have eight AD’s:

  1. Brian Kuzdas-founder -Palo Alto, CA
  2. Confidential-Cupertino, CA
  3. Mike Loughry-San Diego, CA
  4. Weiwei Chen-Palo Alto
  5. Lemona Lin-Milpitas, CA
  6. Sunnie Li-Sunnyvale, CA
  7. Art Bale-Tucson, AZ
  8. Bruce Wold-Seeley Lake, MT

We’re hiring a total of sixteen AD’s to cover Silicon Valley:

  1. 4 AD’s Santa Clara County
  2. 2-AD’s San Mateo County
  3. 2-AD’s SF County
  4. 2-AD’s Alameda County
  5. 2-AD’s Marin, Napa and Sonoma Counties
  6. 2-AD’s Santa Cruz and Monterey Counties
  7. 2-AD’s Contra Costa County

Although we are looking for the AD to cover their targeted area, there’s no restriction for an AD to cross into another area. As an example, if you’re hired to focus on San Francisco and you happen to come across a deal that we purchase in Marin County (above SF), you would still be 100% compensated. The idea is to have the AD’s mainly focus on the area they live in.

Interview Process
If you’re interested in interviewing for the role of an Acquisition Director please contact Brian Kuzdas directly at 650-575-7025 or [email protected]. He’ll do a short phone interview followed by a face-to-face meeting. If both parties are on the same page, the next step is to review the AD independent contractors agreement followed by the “Private Offering Memorandum” to purchase shares in REA Worldwide (parent company).

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