Investment Opportunity

We’re seeking strategic investors that may want to be partners on a modular construction company and factory to be built in Menifee, CA on 18-acres. Below is an “executive summary” on the opportunity. If you’re interested in receiving more information, we can arrange a phone meeting followed by a face-to-face.

Executive Summary


S2A Investments, LLC (S2A) is seeking accredited investors interested in having an ownership interest in a modular construction company (S2A Modular, LLC) along with a 120,000+ sq. ft. factory (S2A Factory, LLC) built on eighteen acres of land in Menifee, CA.

Modular construction is a process that builds 80%-90% of a house in a factory and the remainder on-site opposed to the “traditional stick built” method which performs all construction on-site. The top three benefits to modular are a faster built home due to not having to stop at night, on weekends and during inclement weather. The second is a cost savings of 5%-15% due to its time efficiencies of building everything under one roof. And lastly, the modular home has to be built stronger to endure being transported and lifted by a crane to be set in place. When you can build a product faster and stronger for less money, you have the potential to disrupt the construction industry (construction disruption-

Modular construction is not limited to home-building. Marriott Hotels is constructing a 350-unit modular hotel in Hawthorne, CA (; a 29-story and 28-story apartment complex is being built in Oakland ( and a 57-story “modular” skyscraper was erected in China, taking only 19 days back in 2015 ( Also, due to the quick time it takes to build a home in controlled conditions, many developers are turning to modular to build neighborhoods faster. Google just hired Factory_OS out of Vallejo, CA to build 300-modular homes (

In addition to using the modular construction process to build real estate, S2A intends on integrating it with “TESLA Smart Home Technology”. TESLA solar roof tiles, the TESLA powerwall home battery and the TESLA smart home system allows the consumer to operate everything inside the home at net zero (NZEB), meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.


Terms of the Offering

The company is raising $10,000,000 for a 50% ownership stake in S2A, which will own S2A Modular, LLC. (construction company) and the S2A Factory, LLC (factory), which will be built on 18+ acres (building and land). Units will be sold in increments of $100,000 and will be at an ownership interest of 0.50% (one unit = $100,000 = 0.50% ownership). One hundred units will be sold. The other 50% interest will owned by Modular Green Management, the sole managing member of S2A.


Use of Capital

  1. $ 5,539,802-build a 120,000+ Sq. Ft. Factory (phase one)
  2. $ 1,000,000-open “S2A Modular” construction company
  3. $ 1,100,000-purchase 18+ acres of land in Menifee, CA (Mathews Rd. and Grand Ave)
  4. $ 1,860,198-capital reserves
  5. $   500,000-capital raise commissions
  6. $10,000,000

If you’re an accredited investor and would like to receive more information on this investment including the “Private Offering Memorandum”, we can set up a phone call interview followed by a face-to-face meeting to discuss. Just click on the contact us button below:

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