Session 08 – Construction Management
January 7, 2018
Session 06 – The Private Offering Memorandum (POM)
January 9, 2018

Session 07 – Project Management

$125.00 $99.00

You now have closed on the property. From the time you buy it until the time you sell, it’s critical that you have the systems in place to move from point “a” to “z” with precision and efficiency. This can be the difference from making you and your investors a positive return or potentially losing on the deal if your systems are not in place.

Session #7 Outline (35:59)

1. Taking possession of property (4:21)
2. Scope of Work (SOW) document (9:57)
3. Scheduling your rehab (6:58)
4. Renovation choices (10:45)
5. Random Insights (3:58)

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