Session 05 – Business Agreements
January 10, 2018
Session 03 – Making Offers
January 12, 2018

Session 04 – Raising Capital

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Once you get an offer accepted, the next step is to fund the transaction. Unless you have a significant amount of cash, you may need to raise capital to help move forward. This session teaches how to structure your investment project along with the best way to put together a business plan to entice investors. In chapter 3, you’ll be taught where to find investors and what they’re looking for in an investment opportunity.

Session #4 Outline (1:08:28)

1. Investment structure (10:25)
2. The business plan (8:18)
2a. Sample business plan (7:25)
3. Investors (29:03)
4. Investor presentation (7:24)
5. $5M in your account (5:53)

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